Seaford to Eastbourne

Author: Victoria

Author: Victoria

21 km – with Outdoorholics Bitesize Meetup.

Considering my last two attempts to do the distance Seaford – Eastbourne and failed miserably twice, I always wondered: How the hell is it possible to do this walk in one day? (That was before I knew that there are marathon events covering the distance TWICE.) Anyway. The advantage of the meetup is that you just follow. And you have to keep up with the group. THANK GOD I wasn’t in a socialising mood that day AT ALL so that I could save my breath and walk. Towards the end of the walk I looked inside myself and wondered if I could do the same distance back again. By then I knew about these marathon walks already and had started flirting with the idea. There was no way that I would split from the group and walk the whole thing back. It was more observing myself how I feel after a half marathon. I was alright actually. A good test for next weekend…

Hiking instructions:

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