Shine London


Author: Steffi

41 km – with Christine.

Shine is an overnight event organised by Cancer Research UK to make aware of cancer. When Christine and I was planning our summer activities we came across it and signed up for the full marathon. We did start together (around 10:30pm), however I realized very soon that my walking pace is a little different from Christine’s. So we agreed on walking in our paces and meetup at the pit stops. Keep in mind: go with someone who walks in your pace OR: bring music!

What sounded appealing about this event is that you see London by night. Well, what you actually do is, you don’t do sight-seeing while walking a marathon. You carry on watching your steps and overtake all the slowcoaches who are in your way and want to slow you down. However, the route was interesting and it was quite impressive to walk by the Gherkin, for example.

Towards the end everything you feel is pain. But the thought of getting a taxi to the finish line or taking my well deserved nap on some bench on Southbank didn’t cross my mind. You just walk. And when you pass the 25 mile sign and then the 26 mile post you have that urge, despite all the tiredness, to take out your bloody, touristy compact camera and take a shot. Hey, I’m a first-timer. I had every right! :-D. Bad luck that these pics were completely blurred. 😉

Shine Full Map

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