Shepperton to Putney

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

21,5 km – alone.

The inital plan was to walk from Shepperton to Windsor along the Thames. But the Thames Path was completely flooded. I should have checked the flood warnings which I considered but then dismissed. OR I should watch the news once in a while because the floods were all over them. Maybe I should switch from German NTV and PHOENIX to BBC. But then I expect the BBC ancor man to crawl out of my screen, grap my throut and strangle me. Their style is too aggressive for my soft, little heart. Don’t like it.
Anyway, the final route was Shepperton – Lower Sunbury – Hampton (Bushy Park) – Kingston – Richmond Park back to Putney. It was only disappointing 21,5 km which took me 5h. It felt more, although I got my 2nd wave in Putney Heath.

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