Southease to Rottingdean

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

14,5 km – with Andrea and Saturday Walkers Club.

First time with the Saturday Walkers Club. Another good example of Steffi being low on the uptake. The Saturday Walkers Club is the website where I get my hiking instructions from. But there is actually a reason why they are called “club”. Because people meet up and go for these walks. So, when I can’t find anyone to go with, that is an alternative. It’s free and they have a few walks on Saturday and Sunday to choose from. Anyway, this walk leads along fields, farms with sheep accommodations (called barns) and crazy horses to a big hill that merges with the South Downs Way. The last few kilometers are beautiful because you walk towards the sea and have a wonderful view onto Rottingdean (if you have good weather). The reward was waiting in Beyond Design: a huge piece of blueberry lime cake. YUMMY!

Hiking instructions:

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6 Responses to Southease to Rottingdean

  1. Steffi says:

    Hehe. So to say… 🙂
    Although these trees are grown like this. Probably through the constant breeze…

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  2. Dayna says:

    So…gets a little breezy ’round those parts? 😉


  3. Wow thanks for all this information! I will certainly look up the Cotswold natural mindfulness- that sounds perfect for me x will let you know how I get on x

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  4. Steffi says:

    Hi heavenhappens! Thank you for your comment. There are loads of walking clubs out there. And I’m pretty sure there is one near you. Could check meetup for hiking groups in Cotswolds. It’s a platform for people who wants to meet people with the same interests (like hiking, socialising etc). Have a look at this one: (Joing is mostly free; there might be small fee for the hike itself, but that really depends on the groups organiser.) Also check google for “cotswolds walking club”. There is lots coming up. The Ramblers are an established, localised walking group. There are Rambler groups in Sussex, Surrey, London, etc.. I haven’t walked with them, but every hiker I met in walking or meetup groups knows about them. Members are very happy in this group (I think there is a yearly fee of 10 Pounds which goes into the maintenance of footpaths etc). You could also observe the Saturday Walkers Club for hikes in Cotswolds or walks near you: Keep me posted about your adventures. I’d be happy for you if you find a group. And if you have any questions: fire away.

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  5. What a brilliant idea ~ a Saturday Walking Club! I wonder if there is anything like that here in the Cotswolds. I love to walk but my hubby is in a wheelchair and there are so many places that I just can’t take him. I don’t like to go off on my own. Today I am though going to walk the Daffodil Trail in the Forest again. I will try to get some better photos as I have realised that mine are rubbish compared to those on WPC. I do however need a new camera ~ thats my excuse!
    Nice to meet you on WPC.


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