Chilterns – Wendover

Author: WFBF

Author: WFBF

13,7 km – with Walkfree Breakfree.

A trampolin in the middle of a field.

But starting from the beginning:

We were meeting at a car park in Wendover and I walked up to a group which apparently looked like a hiking group: “You look like hikers. Are you the Walkfree Breakfree group?” –> “NO!” –> Damn, wrong group. Well, I found them eventually. A lovely little group of 8 today. The route followed the Ridgeway up Bacombe and Coombe Hill with a monument commemorating the fighting men of Buckinghamshire killed in the Boer war. The route also pasted the summer residence of the Prime Minister, called Chequers.

We had lunch on hill, sitting in the sun and overseeing Buckinghamshire, sitting. How I missed that during the winter… Welcome summer!! Ok, Spring. We don’t want to set the bar too high…

Anyway, we we’re walking the second part of the hike. And there it was: ok, it wasn’t in the middle but on the edge of a field: a trampolin. I looked at it, and it was so tempting. It was like it spoke to me: “Steffi, jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!” So I did. Man, I tell you, jumping on a trampolin is SO exhausting. More exhausting than the entire walk. And the 10k cycling before and after that. But well worth it. 😀

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