Snowdonia – Snowdon


Author: Steffi

11,3 km – with London Escapes/Walkfree Breakfree.

Ascent: 1050 m

1st day of our 4-days-adventure. There was a choice of walks, either a low level or a high level one. But the weather was fantastic (sunny, 13°C), so we all went for the Snowdon option. Our group was divided, one taking the gentle start, the other one taking the ‘normal’ trail.

The top was incredibly busy. Supposedly -10°C, sunny, apart from that big black cloud that came literally out of nowhere. It was fascinating to see how it “hang in there” because it couldn’t get over the mountain. I saw a few people (mainly men :-)) up there stripped to the waist, but when coming closer I could see: they WERE cold. And I wonder when the selfie-session starts. Me and Snowdon, me and another mountain, me and a stone, me and a sheep (there were a lot of them – not on top of Snowdon though 🙂 ).

After doing Snowdon, I’ve got the chance of doing the 3 highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland in one year. It might sound impressive, but it’s not as everyone will know who has done them. They are not really high and the accesses themselves are easy. I even saw 6-year-olds scrambling at the top of Snowdon. But this was a gentle walk in comparison to our Scafell Pike route. I just start to realise what a monster that was.

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

I’m worried about my Scotland trip now. I constantly had a running nose, using at least 1 pack of tissues. Now imagine that for a 12-day-trip on the West Higland Way. My backpack will be half-full with tissues! What about all the other essentials?? Toothbrush, woolhat, waterproofs, smartphone, tablet, PC?? There won’t be any space left for them!!

Anyway, back at the hostel, we had the pleasure of Morag’s cake. OHO my GOD! That alone was worth the trip. If I ever have said anything again English cakes, I take it back. Today’s speciality was walnut cake. Not to forget Iain’s cooking skills. Dinner was … *sigh* … heaven.

Map Snowdon

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3 Responses to Snowdonia – Snowdon

  1. Steffi says:

    Oh wow, that is actually a nice idea. I got an idea how that could be when I climbed Toubkal in Morocco recently. There wasn’t a single soul up there. Wonderful. Freezing cold though :).

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  2. Carl says:

    Snowdon’s a great climb but as you experienced with all the people on the top it’s not known as one of the UK’s busiest mountains without reason, hot summer bank holiday weekends are the worst.

    You should try camping up on the top sometime (weather permitting), it’s stunning when everybody else has climbed back down and a great place to watch the sun go down.

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