Snowdonia – Beddgelert – Llyn Dinas – Sygum Copper Mine – River walk

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

10,2 km – with London Escapes/Walkfree Breakfree.

Ascent: 350 m

Sore muscles – great! And I thought I was fit. I take that back, too.

Today again, we had the choice between a low and high level walk. The young ones took off for another high level hike, climbing another peak of 999m, I took the low level walk :-). This walk was very relaxed with a group of 8. 90% of the route was near water (streams, lakes, rivers) which I really enjoyed. Actually the reason why I chose this walk. I just love the sound of rushing water, although it might cause increased natural urges…

We had ice cream in Beddgelert and could choose from around 40 different tastes. It took me about 15 minutes to decide but Rum raisins and wild cherry won the race. This little village was so peaceful. Moms and Dads in cafés and beer gardens, kids playing near the river; the biggest crime ever commited must be a bar fight. I just realized, I haven’t heard a whining child for 2 days. How relaxing…

Back at the hostel we finished dinner at 10pm. I was so tired that I had to decide between apple crumble and bed. It was the bed.

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