Hook to Winchfield – Fooled by wooden deer sculptures

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

20 km – with Anna and Alex.

We started our hike with a detour right in the beginning: Steffi mixed up right with left so that we disappeared into an overgrown wood instead of going through the (very apparently blinking and flashing) gate on the right that said: “This way!!”. I swear I never had problems with left and right before I got my driving license! My theory: there is a conspiracy. All driving teachers worldwide make it their business to confuse women about left and right. You know what: IT WORKED!
Anyway, we noticed our … my mistake quite quickly and after zigzaging through Hook Common we found our way back to the instructions.

Main features: Most of the walk was alongside canals and ponds. The first half was a bit busier with people, therefore the second part was almost free of people. NICE! We had to take a 2nd detour (not my fault this time!) because part of the towpath along the canal was closed (landslide). That added about 1k to our walk.
We also came along Dogmersfield Park estate and saw a bull with impressively huge balls. Jesus! He was there on the field, all by himself, rocking his balls in the wind. Although he looked quite old and sluggish. Maybe he is just spending his last few days peacefully grazing on that farm. So if you wanna go there only to see that bull’s balls, you might be too late.
Apart from that we saw some dear on the estate. But the longer we observed them the more we wondered if they were real. They didn’t move at all. And after 20 minutes discussing if they were real or not, taking pictures, zooming in and still couln’t tell for sure, we concluded we’ve been fooled. They were probably some deer-like garden gnomes put there by the manson’s owner to mess with touristy hikers… WORKED, TOO!

Hiking instructions:

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