Putney river walk – Advice Day

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

11,9 km – alone.

Advice #1: Never rely on friends telling you how the weather will be on the weekend. Not even when they are BBC’s weathermen and you think they have superpowers. They could be wrong. Rumours had it that it was supposed to rain today so I postponed everything I needed to do to today and there was only time for a spontaneous little walk today.

Well, “Just a little walk around the block” turned into a little longer one from Putney to Barnes via Hammersmith Bridge. The highlight were certainly the half-naked, strong, muscular runners on the river whose boobs were almost bigger than mine… Can anyone tell me why they run around half-naked? I wouldn’t do it!

Advice #2: If you’re ‘forced’ to go on a walk alone, take music with you, or an audio book. Just not take the newest show of your favourite comedian. It looks ridiculous when you walk all by yourself and suddenly burst into laughing and giggling so that couple next to you jumps backs because they think you’re some crazy fellow escaping a mental hospital.

Advice #3: A more helpful one maybe. If you wanna track your walk including distance, time, elevation, GPS route, average speed and average pace and you have a smart phone, Runtastic might be the right app for you. There are 2 versions, a free and a Pro one, but the free one is absolutely enough. At least for me. It has different activity options, so you could use it for running, cycling skating and even swimming and diving but I really wonder how that is supposed to work…

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