Cuxton to Halling – Where poppies don’t pop

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

17,2 km – with Saturday Walkers Club.

Prepared with waterproofs, 3 layers of cloths and heavy boots for -10°C and heavy rain throughout the day, I learnt once more that the BBC weather forecast is not infallible. Instead of a cold day we were baked in he sun and at least +50°C. It was so hot and humid that I really wished for the one or other rain drop or at least a shower under the garden hose.

We started the walk with 18 people and kept them all more or less together during the 1st part of the walk.We came across a lot of churches; the highlight was probably St Mary Magdalene with beautiful brass works of the former patrons.

4 things that accompanied us on the second part of the walk were
– lots of stiles and steep hills (the elevation gain throughout the walk was 425m)- a beautiful long-stretched valley cut off from any civilisation
– the absense of poppies (supposedly now is poppy-time. But they didn’t pop 😦 . We saw about 13 1/2. The most red spots we spotted were the baseball caps of cricket players playing on a cricket field literally in the middle of nowhere.)
– and the word ‘ice cream’. It was first mentioned after we left the pub and it made us so hungry for ice cream that we shortened our walk by 1k to make a detour to the local news agent. Frankly, I wasn’t so happy about having ice cream for a long, long time.

Conclusion: lovely people and well worth it.

Hiking instructions:

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