Portsmouth to Havant – About ice cream and sunburn

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

20,9 km – with Louise.

Catch up-walk with Louise No. 287. Ok, maybe it was No. 7 or so. This time for a coastal walk as it was said to be nice weather. And this time the weather forecast kept its promise.

Most of the walk was along the promenade and pavement. Not much green around, but therefore more blue (sea) :-). And pink. (We saw a lot of sunburned people). But where lots of people are there are a lot of ice cream stands. And we made use of them more than once.

As there are no instructions, bring the map when you do the walk. Or have a look at the map and bring your (fully charged) smartphone. May they be blessed. I forgot to bring my map and was glad that we had this fabulous piece of technology with us, especially on Hayling Island. It also enables you to send show-off pictures of clear, blue sky and sailing boats on the sea to friends who refused to come via Whatsapp or other messenger services :-). Not that we did that of course…

Hiking instructions:

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