West Highland Way – Day 1 – Milngavie to Drymen

Author: C. G.

Author: C. G.

18,7 km – with Anna and Christian.
188m ↓ 183m
6:35h incl.1:35h break

It’s hot and sunny. Thank God we have sunblocker with us. Ann kindly drove us from the B&B down to Milngavie station were we found signs to start of the WHW. (It is also possible to stay in Glasgow over night and take a 20min train to Milngavie if you can’t find an available accommodation in Milngavie.) The first stage leads through open forests and improved pastures but also along asphalt roads. Still too much civilisation for me.

But what we learned today is: everyone has natural urges. And you might hide from your group behind a little hill while going for a quick pee. But if the trail leads more or less around the hill some other hikers might spot you. Especially when you’re wearing a neon-yellow jacket. That’s how we met the lovely bottom of a Swiss lady. As soon as we realized her situation we discretely looked away (although I can speak only for myself :-)).

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

I found this stage quite easy – flat land, no hills, and it didn’t feel like 19k. Probably thanks to our 1:35h break incl. nap.

Tonight we’re staying at the Kip in the Kirk, an old church that was transformed into a B&B run by Francis and Johnny. Johnny is taking part in the West Highland Race. 153km in 21h, starting tomorrow at 1am. Jesus!

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