West Highland Way – Day 2 – Drymen to Rowardennan

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

25 km – with Anna and Christian.
646m ↓ 668m
10h incl.1:30h break

We had a surprising offer from Francis this morning to bring our backpacks halfway to Balmaha by car so that we could do the first part of the walk without luggage. The three of us discussed it quickly and Anna and I took the offer. (Christian didn’t want to “cheat” :-)). I have no idea when the last time was I walked without a backpack. Never? This was such a great feeling. Yes, some might call it cheating, but we’re on holidays and want to enjoy ourselves. And there is a difference if you carry 70 kilos with you (me + my backpack) or just me…. 😉

The stage today was much nicer. Much more nature and we climbed our first hill, Conic Hill (350m), with a 360° view of Loch Lomond and the surrounding area. So beautiful.

Author: Anna

Author: Anna

We picked up our luggage in Balmaha and had our lunch break on a beach of Loch Lomond. How tasty bread and a piece of cheese can be after 2 days of walking. As if there’s nothing better. The 2nd half of this stage stretched quite far, always along the Loch which was nice. Lots of up & down, up & down.

The more tired you get the more you have time to think about your little infirmities:

  • cut off that damn right little toe that is rubbing against my shoe. Nobody needs it but it forcefully keeps on reminding you that it’s there. I shut it up with a little plaster.
  • cut off that damn left big toe. It feels like the bone comes through.
  • I realised that I have muscles in my back that I haven’t known of before.
  • Arrival of the 1st blister. I knew since yesterday that it was coming and was prepared with guns and needles to fight against it. Steffi against blister: 1:0.
  • The tissue-issue: Coldish, fresh air and Steffi’s nose turns into Speedy Gonzales. I really envy these people who don’t have this problem. Especially, when you’re on top of Conic Hill and your backpack including tissues is waiting for you 5km away and 400m down… I’m a lady, I won’t tell you how I solved the problem, but it had to be solved…
  • sausage fingers: do you know that when all your blood flows into your fingertips and let them swell to the size of sausages? It’s called German bratwurst.

Conclusion of the day: There is none. I’m just glad that I can lie down (today’s accommodation is the YHA Rowardennan Lodge) and won’t move my feet the tiniest bit until tomorrow morning.

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