West Highland Way – Day 3 – Rowardennan to Inverarnan

Author: Steffi - Bottom-line: Loch Lomond is very nice!

Author: Steffi – Bottom-line: very nice!

23 km – with Anna and Christian.
incl.1:30h break

This morning my energy level was probably at 40%. I felt like a snail. I let myself fall back a bit to suffer in silence. After Inversnaid, where we had a little cereal bar and chocolate break, it became rocky for 6h or so. That’s when I finally got out my walking poles, far too tired to let my legs do all the work on their own and share the load with my arms. That made things easier although I’m still working hard to forget the pain in my feet, especially my big toe. It’s so mean, that I nicknamed it Big Joe. Mean little fellow.

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

During the last few kilometers we walked with a big group of Austrians. First I thought: Urgh: people! And they keep you from walking in your own pace. But they pushed us forward which was good at this point as we were quite tired already. We still walked along Loch Lomond, through light woods and always with water nearby. We still could hear the cars and trains from the other side of the Loch, so still no complete remoteness but we’re getting there.

Tonight we’re staying at the Drover’s Inn, opened in 1705, already accommodating Rob Roy. Dinner at 7.15pm, Germany – Ghana at 8pm. Not sure if I can call it lucky that this accommodation’s got a TV: 2:2?

Tomorrow: rest day. Recharging batteries and learn how to deal with the pain!

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