West Highland Way – Day 7 – Inveroran to Kingshouse (Glencoe) – Singing in the rain

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

14 km (+ 3km in Glencoe) – with Anna and Christian.
3:45h incl. 10min break

We’re finally in a remote area. However, be careful when you’re singing in the wild! You could be heard. Usually my singing skills are reserved for shower times. But this morning I was so enthusiastic that I didn’t mind Anna and Christian listening to my flat aria. Too bad that the one walking behind, who I thought was Christian, wasn’t him. Overtaking me, this young fellow promptly commented on my singing skills. Hell, this way is 153km long and that guy had to be 1 meter behind in these 2,67 minutes I enjoyed myself audibly.

Over time I had developed my personal WHW hit list:
– No 1: Elton John’s Are You Ready For Love (inspired by the daily question “Are you ready?” (for breakfast/dinner/to leave) And it’s God damn difficult to get this song out of your head when someone constantly reminds you of it.
– No 2: The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine (Absolutely no idea where I got the inspiration for this one)
– No 3: West Side Story’s I Feel Pretty (in the context of the landscape is pretty, not … me… :-))

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

3km before Kingshouse we took the bus to Glencoe which is around 16km away from the WHW. Who the hell researched and booked this hostel so far away? Oh right That was me. Damn. Initially I panicked when we realized that it’s so far away but bus & taxis were available. And I must say: I’m glad we did this detour. Glencoe is such a beautiful spot! You follow the main road down to the town and to your right and left you’ve got mountains, ridges and mountain chains. That’s how I imagined Scotland. It was cloudy and rainy when we arrived at the Glencoe Independent Hostel, but it was so, so pretty how the mountains disappeared in the mist.

Rest day tomorrow. Although we’re thinking about climbing up to a hill as we’re already here…

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