West Highland Way – Day 9 – Kingshouse to Kinlochleven

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

13,5 km (+ 3km in Glencoe) – with Anna and Christian.
5:10h incl. 1h break

Today was racing day. Attendee: Steffi, the mountain goat. I love climbing mountains. The scenery was breathtaking as we walked between 2 mountain chains. The most interesting part was probably Devil’s Staircase, the highest point on the WHW. It’s a zigzag path on the old military road with more or less steep elevation and got its name from soldiers who transported material for the road over this section. Or they came drunken from Kingshouse going back to Kinlochleven, had to pass this section, and for many it was their last journey. However, all the 3 of us were a little disappointed as we expected it to be a bit more devilish.
Tonight we’re staying at the Blackwater Hostel in a 4-bed room. Just us – yeay. No snoring bear. Just Christian, but he’s a mini-bear. Supposedly there was a guy at the Glencoe Hostel that caused Christian and Anna sleepless nights. Here’s to my custom-made earplugs. I didn’t hear a thing and slept like a baby.
Anyway, this is our last stage on the West Highland Way. We’ll skip the stage to Fort William, take the bus there instead and do Ben Nevis. Just to tick the box (highest mountain of the British Isles and so…)


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3 Responses to West Highland Way – Day 9 – Kingshouse to Kinlochleven

  1. I understand you love hills, you ought to become a Munro bagger by the sounds of it…you can’t wear the t-shirt or the badge saying you did it mind! It says exactly that in the official WHW rule book.
    I’ve completed it twice now…1st time at hostels and b&bs 25yrs ago in 7 days- this time camping, carrying everything in 5 days just a month ago. Both times feet wrecked with blisters – I’ll have to try wearing something tougher than flip flops when I attempt the hat-trick


  2. Steffi says:

    Hey bc,
    Sorry for the late reply. The last stage is not planned for now – not in the near future. The reason why we skipped it was that we had a bit of a time issue. It was either last stage or ben nevis. As i’ve done scafell pike and snowdon the previous months, i need to finish my ‘3 peak challenge’. And in total the WHW wasn’t quite what expected. Too flat. I’d rather would have climbed a few more mountains instead if just passing them. But maybe one day…
    Thanks for reading through my WHW trip. Always makes me happy when people actually read what I wrote :). Are you planning to do the WHW or have you done it?

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  3. Ooooof!! Felt deflated after reading your WHW from day 1 only to find out you didnae do the last leg. Please tell me it’s still on your to do list? You cannie leave us hanging like this….plus – its just plain wrong not to have completed it when so close to the finish.

    I eagerly await an explanation

    kindest regards



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