West Highland Way – Day 10 – Ben Nevis

Author:  Steffi

Author: Steffi

13 km – alone.
5:30h incl. 30min break

Change of plans: Anna’s knee is causing problems and Christian’s boots are falling apart so they both decided not to do Ben Nevis. So I did it on my own. It’s not a difficult peak and there are lots of people around so it’s still responsible.

So we got up at 6am, got the early bus to Fort William, got the Glen Nevis Hostel at the foot of Ben Nevis at 9am and I could start the ascent at 9:30. The first 300 meters up was climbing stairs. So! Many! Of them! But within 15 mins I climbed 200m. That was quick. And that released a new chapter of Steffi, the mountain goat. I became ambitious. I tend to climb hills pretty quickly anyway and today I didn’t have anyone with me that I needed to wait for to keep the group together. So I set myself the challenge to get to the top as quickly (and safely) as I could. After 800m up I got tired but last 100 meters were the most interesting ones.

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

The view was bad, you couldn’t see as far as 50 meters. It was drizzling, freezing cold (thank god I had gloves with me) and I had to walk through SNOW. But I made it to the top after 2,5h, took my selfie and just wanted to get down from that bloody top as quickly as possible. So I had a tiny break to eat something, get some energy and I made my way back down again. After I was out of the clouds on maybe 900 (?) meters I took another break (take II of sausage, bread and cheese) with a stunning view over the Northwest Highlands. The descent took me almost as long as the ascent. Why is climbing down more exhausting than climbing up? That doesn’t make sense. Anyway. It was enjoyable. Now my fridge magnet with the 3 highest peaks of UK has its right to exist :-D. Box ticked. What’s the next adventure??

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  1. Hi Steffi – hoping to ascend Ben Nevis this year too after completing the West Highland Way. Never been on the roof of Scotland before!



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