Jurassic Coast – Dorset – What a naughty day

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

Approx. 13km – with Prasana.

What a naughty day. Too many things went wrong-ish today. 🙂

Naughty Steffi: The plan was to take a very early train down to Dorset to walk along the Jurassic coastline. Better: the Lulworth Cove circular via Tyneham. Trains there already take 2h 45 mins, that is why we wanted to leave early? What do I do? Forget to set the alarm. Great Steffi. Good start. Luckily enough, I woke up around 5am, about half an hour later after we wanted to get up. So the drama wasn’t that big.

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

Naughty Prasana: Talking me into having my 281st ice cream this summer. And this BEFORE starting the walk.

3 REALLY naughty ascents: Jesus Christ! 1 meter forward, 2 meters up. If you find the Seven Sisters steep, try the Dorset coastline.

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

Naughty road signs: On our way back we couldn’t find the route suggested on our map so we ended up passing through an area where red signs with “Keep out” and “Danger” were involved.

Naughty road signs 2: Towards the end we were looking for a short cut from the cliffs down to the car park. And ended up in someone’s private backyard. Playing the innocent “Excuse me, Ma’am, we are completely lost. How do we get from here to the car park?” they kindly guided us out of their front door directly into the car park.

Naughty weather: Yes, it is worth once more to talk about it. We probably had all 4 seasons today. We were changing from normal cloths into waterproofs about every 20 mins.

Naughty, naughty train: The platform in Clapham Junction was too short for our 10-coach-train. Too bad they didn’t open the doors for the rear 5 coaches, in one of which we were sitting and wanted to get out. So we ended up waving goodbye to Clapham again and saying hello to Waterloo…

What a day.

But what a beautiful coastline. Ups and downs, amazing blue colours of sea and bays when the sun is shining and beautiful rock formations. I’m not surprised that The Guardian named Dorset’s Jurassic coast on of the Top 10 coastal walks in UK.

Walking instructions:

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