Pembrokeshire – 3rd best coastal walk of the world – Solva to Nolton Haven



12,2 km – with Prasana.

We are ging to walk part of the Pembrokeshire coastal walk from Solva to Dales over the next 2 1/2 days. The Coastal Path starts in St Dogmaels and leads along the South West coast of Wales to Amroth.
Yesterday we took the train from London to Haverfordwest via Cardiff and then the taxi to St. David’s to there at a Youth Hostel. Today we started early to get the bus down to Solva and start our walk from there. We walked until Nolton Haven from where we took a bus to the little, sleep village of Broad Haven to stay in the Youth Hostel again.

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

We were walking along the cliffs, up and down, simply follow the Coastal Path which was marked by an acorn. Basically, it was only “Follow the nut!”; and Prasana was leading :-).

It was relatively hot, so we took it slowly and had a swim at the Cwm-bach Bay, and. it. was. so!!! so!!! cold. But very enjoyable. As the entire day. The only thing that kept fooling us were the lifeguard houses, that we thought were ice cream parlours….

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