Pembrokeshire – Broad Haven to Marloes – Gone with the Wind(s)…

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

14,7 km – with Prasana.

Today we only had to suffer from 4 little hills, so it wasn’t as bad as yesterday. Therefore walked around every of the 500 bays. But they were spectacular. The cliffs actually reminded me a little of Dorset, only that in Wales you’ve got this view over a stretch a few hundred kilometers.

We tested extensively the iPhone’s panaroma feature. My best shot was Prasana with these spectacular, rough cliffs in the background, wonderful setting, just that his head was cut off. I guess I still need some practice.

Steffi had 2 problems today: a serious one (I forgot my sunblocker again. Surprise. And got seriously sunburned :-(.) and a girly one: as we were walking from North to South and the wind came from the sea, I was constantly busy to put back my flowing mane. Oh how I wished we walked from South to North….

Author: Steffi

Culprit – Author: Steffi

Prasana had just one problem: a liaison with a horse. It was standing right on the path so we needed to pass it somehow. And I thought: Don’t pass the horse to closely on his behind, it might kick. It didn’t kick. It farted. I was close enough not only to hear it but to see the horses muscles vibrating. Guess who was even closer to the horse… 🙂 It made my day…

After these traumatic events we spoiled ourselves with lobster and mussles in Dale and stayed in a fantastic B&B (I didn’t ask for fruit salad this time).

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