Isle of Wight – Ryde to Newport – A tarmac Coastal Path with no coast in sight

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

20,9 km – with Louise.

From Ryde, we followed the Coastal Path to Cowes via Whippingham. From there we took the cycling path along the River Medina down to Newport.

The major question that came up today was “Why the hell is the Coastal Path called Coastl Path when there is absolutely no sea in sight?” Instead we followed inland main roads with the view onto tarmac roads and more tarmac roads. Even the cycling path from Cowes to Newport was asphalt. But a much nicer environment. Only cyclists and runners, in a natural setting – no cars nearby. So that part was really nice.

We also came across the Osbourne House, Queen Victoria’s summer holiday residence on the Isle of Wight. We tried to have a peek, but National Trust was clever enough to cover the main building with its ticket office and gift shop. We gave it a miss this time to support National Trust with 15.30 Pounds each so we didn’t see anything.

Lou was a little Speedy Gonzales today. It became apparent that she’s got the ability to run 5k in 26 mins, and I .. ehm… haven’t…

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1 Response to Isle of Wight – Ryde to Newport – A tarmac Coastal Path with no coast in sight

  1. Robert Jones says:

    We done the Coastal Path over 5 days last week and the kids have a new name for the section from East Cowes to Ryde – “Tarmac-geddon” Probably the worst section of hiking ever!


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