Sevenoaks Circular – Knole Park – Between Awesomeness and Narrowmindedness

Sevenoaks Circular

Author: Steffi

17 km – with Anna and Prasana.

Initial plan: Walk on Saturday. Weather forecast: morning: rainy, noon: rainy, evening: rainy. Sunday’s weather forecast: sunny all day! Conclusion: change initial plan. Thank God we’re all flexible and gave up German habits to strictly follow a plan.

We ended up doing the Sevenoaks Circular walk, also covering Knole Park. If you didn’t see any deer there, you didn’t get the full Knole-Park-experience. They are everywhere. Loads of them. Forget about Richmond Park in London. The numbers there are like leftover cake crumbs of a finished Victoria Sponge cake in comparison to the numbers in Knole Park – the real cake. Definitely worth a try, ehm, a visit, as well as Knole House, a country house managed by National Trust.

Sevenoaks Circular

Author: Steffi

The negative highlight was our lunch stop at the Padwell Arms. Plan was: order food and sit outside. So we grabbed a menu from one of the tables near the bar and were told off the first time. This table was reserved. We were supposed to the menu from another table. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t hear what the discussion was about so made the fatal mistake to sit down on chair of that reserved table to rest my 90-years-old back until I was being served. And was told off again. But in such a rude manner: “Some people actually make the effort to reserve that table!” We should have left the pub at that point. WHAT a NARROW-MINDED JERK! It was not like someone claimed that reserved table,

Sevenoaks Circular

Author: Steffi

in fact nobody did in the following 45 mins we spent at this pub. Additionally, we learned that the chef has black hair. How we knew? We didn’t see the chef, only his food… So the Padwell Arms is definitely not recommended on this walk. Go somewhere else!

But in general, it was a fantastic day out in a lovely area with awesome sunny, I’m-just-wearing-in-a-hoodie-weather(*). How I missed it…

Walking instructions:

(*) Obviously not exclusively a hoddie.

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