Witley to Haslemere – Autumn fog and colours

Witley to Haslemere

Author: Steffi

14.2 km – with Prasana.

I’m reading a book from a contemporary japanese writer (Haruki Murakami) at the moment. He’s writing about running but he wrote something very clever that can be applied to life in general: Remember what is important to you. Don’t postpone or give up things because you’re busy. If you use being busy as an excuse you’ll never do again what’s important to you.
So, here I am, busy, haven’t really walked for 2 months (except last week), and THAT needs to change.

Mission today: Witley to Haslemere in Surrey. It is one of the recommended walks to do during this time of the year and it was well worth it. Beautiful autumn colours, relatively short, as we were walking against sunset, and relatively easy, if we’re ignoring the streams of mud we had to crawl through. And we were lucky enough to start and finish in fog. Amazing.

Witley to Haslemere

Author: Steffi

Witley to Haslemere

Author: Steffi


We even had a fantastic pub experience this time. We went to the Crown Inn, a 12th century pub in Chiddingfold and had the most amazing field mushrooms and tarragon fricassee in a puff pastry. Very lovely staff, who even let us sit were we wanted. Quite a different experience from the last week’s one. In fact, the most unpleasant occurrence on our entire hike was the fight over the last Haribo.

At Darnleys’ tearoom in Haslemere High Street we had a Heston Blumenthal experience: A lemon and sugar pancake. Imagine a crêpe in lemon juice filled with sugar which, at first, tears you apart, with the delayed pleasure of the sugar’s sweetness…

I’m glad we had another amazing day. Oh, if it could stay like this until spring…

Hiking instructions:

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