Why I prefer hiking over running

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

In order to stay fit I do 2 things: hiking and running.

Don’t you think hiking and running are kind of related to each other? The only 2 things you need are your legs. To make it prettier maybe some nice gear and nature. But actually, I prefer hiking over running. Why?

1) I don’t look like a lobster after hiking.
2) I have enough breath left to use up my daily allowance of 10.000 words.
3) I can train my orienteering skills and sense of direction – that definitely needs some practice!
4) I definitely feel more motivated to go on a hike. In fact the only thing that keeps me RUNNING is music.
5) If you’re very much in love you can hold hands with your boyfriend or girlfriend all day long. Try that while you’re running :-).
6) You’ve got a steady view. It’s not constantly bouncing up and down.
7) You can take your time.
8) There always seems to be cake or some kind of dessert involved after hiking. NEVER after running.

However, there are two other thoughts:
Why I should prefer running over hiking. And
Why hiking is as bad or good as running.

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