Why hiking is as good or as bad as running

Hiking and running

Author: Steffi

As I established already why I prefer hiking over running and why I should prefer running over hiking, here is why hiking is actually as good or as bad as running:

01) in both cases Big Joe is screaming
02) there is no choir of angels singing for you, neither after finishing a marathon nor after beating your best time
03) ideally you’re doing both in nature
04) you can do it in all weathers
05) in both cases you could come home like a little mud pig
06) your washing machine is definitely running afterwards
07) a hot shower afterwards is the best
08) both is good health and fitness (I know it’s such a boring reason)
09) both doable with friends – although I find verbal communication challenging while running
10) there are hiking and running competitions and challenges for the ambitious ones
11) you can forget about things
12) you can write about it: Bill Bryson, Haruki Murakami and me are just some examples (yes, I’m brave here :-))
13) and both give me a reason to shop at Decathlon.

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