Ouanoukrim (4089m – Attempt)

Before Ouanoukrim

Author: Steffi

2,5 km – with Prasana and Mohammed.
↑ 693m ↓ 693m

The night before:
If it’s about 3°C in your room, you’re wrapped up in a cosy sleeping bag, you don’t think twice if you wanna go to the loo at 3 o’clock in the morning. You do it about 100 times.

The morning:
Great! Sore muscles from my Toubkal climb. How am I supposed to do another 800m up and down today?

The day:
We started around 8:30am for a gentle walk up to Ouanoukrim (4089m). I couldn’t have been less enthusiastic and envied Bonnie who decided to rest and spend all day in bed. It got better though after putting on my gears. Here we are for a tiny 3k walk. Yalla! (Berber for ‘let’s go’.)

The first half of the walk was a gentle ascent, but the snow was loose and powdery higher up the slope so it became more difficult to walk in it. I was so tired from the day before; I could have fallen asleep instantly. At around 3900m we hit a vertical rock chain that is usually covered with snow and easy to climb. But not today. We would have need to climb nacked rocks with hands and crampons and decided it would be to risky. So we turned around. No summit-day today but the journey is the destination. And I couldn’t have guessed what was so painful walking up (in loose snow) could be so much fun coming down.We were hald stepping half sliding down the slope which was so nice and easy.

Toubkal Refuge Les Mouflons

Toubkal Refuge Les Mouflons
Author: Steffi

The reward:
We were back at the refuge by 1:30pm. Lunch time. Tajine no. 47. Mmh yummy. Dessert: Sunshine served with a chair and the face turned towards to sun. Heaven.

The evening:
Every evening all people in he refuge gather together in the (heated) common area and share stories about hiking, trekking and travelling. It’s amazing where people have been or what they have done. And it’s fantastic to meet all these like-minded people and hear their stories…

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