Todra Gorge – Morocco

4km – with Prasana.

After our trekking tour in High Atlas mountains we made our way to Ait Benhaddou where we wanted to hire a car to get from A to B to C to D in the next 3 days. First lesson learned: next time reserve a car. Because there wasn’t any for the next few days. Yehaw! What now?

Todra Gorge

Author: Steffi

Luckily and unbelievably, we bumped into Mike from our Toubkal trek in Ait Benhaddou who kindly offered us to take us on board as he and Michon had the same itinerary and took us to Todra Gorge.

We arrived late that night so we postponed our planned walk to the next morning.

Todra Gorge is a canyon with 300m high cliffs forming a narrow trekking corridor. You can go on 2-, 4- or 8-hours tours through the Gorge, or climbing the walls if you prefer that.

Todra Gorge

Author: Steffi

We booked a guide to walk around the valley and planned to go up to look into the Gorge from the top. Unfortunately, time pressured us to keep it short as we need to leave the Gorge at 10am to get to Merzouga. So no top view today. But our guide took us along the Gorge to some caves where Nomads were still living. There was a natural spring in front of our hotel that stretches down along the canyon. This canyon in combination with this little river and palm trees here and there is a stunning view. Now I know why all Gorges in Morocco are called Gorges. (There are more like Dades or Ziz Gorge.) They just look gorgeous!

After around 2 hours we made our way back to the hotel to leave for the desert. I wish we had know that there are day tours in the Gorge. We definitely would have stayed a day longer.

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