Chefchaouen – Morocco – The blue town


Author: Steffi

6 km – with Prasana.

Chefchaouen is definitely worth a visit. It’s a little town built on the slope of a little hill and the Medina, the old town, is painted in blue and white. Walls, staires, window shutters, door frames. Even inside the houses they are blue, with blue furniture and blue towels (ah well, that might be done for the tourists though.) It’s one of the prettiest places I’ve been so far. Not that there are many, but still… šŸ™‚

A new year can’t start better than with a hike in a beautiful place. After wandering around in the medina we made our way up to the hill top. At least we tried. We didn’t organise a guide this time and we couldn’t find a clear trekking path. Just lots of loose gravel in a

Olive tree near Chefchaouen

Author: Steffi

light wood. The steep ascent made us prone to slip and after an hour we decided it was to dangerous to proceed and turned around to try another path we saw in the far distance. So we scrambled down again, crossed the town and went up the next hill to a mosque to have a breathtaking view onto Chefchaouen. We walked a littler further beyond the mosque passing live trees people’s backyards with goats, chicken and sheep.

It’s amazing how simple people’s life is. That’s something that I thought about often in the last 2 weeks. How spoilt I am, feeling uncomfortable living in the cold or giving up a hot shower for a few days. But that’s normal for these people. I just hope that I wont forget these impressions I got here.

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