Cowden to Ashurst – Toubkal Reunion

Cowden to Ashurst - South Downs

Author: Steffi

13,5 km – with Nora and Prasana.

Catching up time with our friend Nora, whom we met on our Toubkal trek in Morocco. Well… 10000 words probably weren’t enough to talk about our adventures, experiences and impressions.

But we had to start our walk at some point. And we needed to choose the leaders of the day. We ignored the male member of our little group due to the unreliability of his … orientation system. Instead, us girls took over. Well…, admittedly, we took a few wrong turns but THAT was because the instructions (probably written by a man) could be … interpreted in multiple ways. *coughs* Or we just talked too much.

Frozen Water - Cowden to Ashurst - South Downs

Author: Steffi

The first pub stop was 3k into the walk and too early for us. So we were aiming for the Orchard Tea Room 9 kilometers into the walk to have some sandwiches there. We misinterpreted the instructions once more and looked at a construction site where we thought the tea room was. So we mentally prepared ourselves to finish the walk without tea, cake and all-day-breakfast and dragging ourselves crawling to Ashurst. We went off on a direct route to the station and there it was. Around the corner, the tea place, glittering in the sunshine, with a halo over its roof. Life got back into our bodies and we ran towards the shiny place in slow motion, with our arms raised over our heads. Tea time!
I really, really can recommend this place. Homemade food, different from pub food, fantastic cakes, but don’t even try to finish them. They are just to massive.

We got back to the station before sunset. Gooood!

I could tell you the story how Nora walked and then ran 20 km up and down the platform and how the station-speaker-lady asked us to report any suspicious behaviour happening on the platform. But I’ll leave that for some other time.

Summary of this walk:
– short –> good for winter time
– relatively flat, so not too strenuous
– muddy (uh yeah!)
– only a few touching point of civilisation
– most life in the form of cows, horses, sheep
– Good views over the South Downs

Hiking instructions:

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