649,4 km full of stories

Alright, admittedly I got curious. After writing about all my hikes and hitting the new year, I wanted to know how much I walked. And here we are: 649.4km. With a few turns here and there, not all of these kilometers were intended. I remember the marathon walk in the Chilterns in August on which we added another 5.5km to our 42km because the guide couldn’t find the way and then, as men are, covering up with: “Yes, we are supposed take this path” and turning the map upside down.

HIking Scotland West Highland Way

Author: Steffi

I covered a lot of my to-do list last year: Isle of Wight, Snowdonia, the West Highland Way in Scotland, Pembrokeshire and the Toubkal climb in Morocco.

Big questions: what’s gonna happen this year? Maybe the Tatra Mountains. Or the Caucasus Mountains… Hmm.. Where shall I go?

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