Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

West Highland Way

Author: Steffi

On my trek on the West Highland Way in Scotland, between Inverarnan and Tydrum, I found this bridge. We came down the path on the left hand side and sometimes it’s really worth looking back. It looked almost surreal, like a gateway to two different worlds. Pure symmetry.

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5 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

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  2. Steffi says:

    Hi Tina,
    no, it’s on the West Highland Way. Funny enough, WHW and the John Muir way cross one another, but this place is further North on the trail. Somewhere between Inverarnan and Tydrum. I think it’s the 5th stage of the West Highland Way.


  3. Tina Schell says:

    Was your shot on the new john Muir trail? It’s lovely.


  4. Steffi says:

    Thanks, Janet!


  5. it’s beautiful.


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