Planning Easter in Cornwall – Coastal Walk Along the Most Western Tip of England

Do you know the situation, you live day by day and all in a sudden your annual holidays or a bank holiday weekend knocks on your door. You know you want to go on a hiking trip but wonder if it’s not too late already to organise and book the whole trip? That was this week’s challenge. Yes, baby, Easter is close, and I want to go on a trip.


“It’s a long weekend, Friday and Monday off, so let’s go somewhere on Thursday and let’s start hiking on Friday.”



Have a look at your to-do list. As it’s only 4 days, I can forget about my top priority New Zealand (once more), also South America or Asia. Forget about going abroad. Focus on home trails. Haven’t been but want to go: Cornwall, the most Western tip of England. Travelling time: still a painful 5h train journey as it’s not exactly around the corner from London, but still worth it.

Cornwall Map


Cornwall: agreed.

Walking the South West trail from St. Ives via Pendeen, Porthcurno and Penzance, a very short stretch of 68km over 3 days. Ehm, how are we gonna do that? I bet we’ll get a bus half way through each stage because either we are totally exhausted because elevation kicked our asses or we are totally delayed because I spent too much time on photographing my way through the hike.

The biggest challenge on these A-to-B-to-C-to-D-trips is booking the accommodations. If it’s a bigger place like St. Ives (11.000 inhabitants) or Penzance (21.000 inhabitants), that shouldn’t be a big problem. But these tiny hamlets consisting of 3 houses and 1 road are more challenging. Mostly, the research of B&Bs is painful because everything is booked up already (these clever people who booked well in advance…). This time we were lucky. I spent 2 hours researching B&Bs and farmhouses we needed to ring and ask for availability and got all 4 accommodations right away. Thank God! (I’m a passionate atheist, but this comment is more than appropriate here). I remember the booking torture for my West Highland Way trip in Scotland last year (8 stages, 8 villages) and in comparison to that Cornwall planning was a piece of cake. The only thing left is to buy the train tickets, but that should be even easier than deciding where to go.

Cornwall, here we come!

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