“I’m a rubbish navigator!” – How to get around Hartley Wintney

Hartley Wintney

Author: Steffi

17,5 km – with Louise.

Lou-time. Agreed on weeks ago we finally made it to our first walk this year. Having forseeing faculties we picked a sunny, warm spring day, allowing us to strip off wool hat, gloves and waterproofs.

I left it to Lou to organise the trip today. She picked a walk in Hampshire, interestingly leaving the familiar comfortness of the Saturday Walkers Club routes and turning towards the unknown spheres of Hampshire County Council.

Hartley Wintney

Author: Steffi

The most apparent difference was that the walk didn’t start at a train station. (Where the hell is Hartley Wintney??? There is no such station!!)  So we met at the nearest train station (Winchfield) 2,5km from our starting point and started to walk towards Hartley Wintney. What could happen when the navigator says “I’m a rubbish navigator” and turns the map upside down and back again? Funny enough, we only got lost when it was my turn to lead. Thanks to Google maps and existing reception we got back on track quickly.

The walk leads along churches, streams, through light woodland, fields into Hazeley Heath. All not far from civilisation, but surprisingly quiet and with very people around.

Hartley Wintney

Author: Steffi

Major challenges: finding the starting point, overcoming endless marshland, holding the map the right way, 15km without a pub.

Highlight: Great catch up over a fine walk. Or a fine walk over a great catch up?

Walking instructions:

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