Follow the Nut – Thames Path – Putney to London Bridge

Thames Path - Putney to London Bridge

Author: Steffi

18 km – with Prasana.

Girls are said not being able to make up their mind quickly. Ah well …, this time we drafted about 4 different versions of ‘walking the Thames Path’, and even on the way to the train to go to Windsor and then walk to Marlow, we changed our minds again and decided to walk from Putney into the centre of London. The weather was … unfriendly … and would have been even unfriendlier in the openness of Windsor’s flat lands and Marlow’s fields.

Thames Path - Putney to London Bridge

Author: Steffi

So, our plan turned into an urban walk, following the nut (the sign for English national trails) passing Battersea’s river front glass palaces, where you can observe the English living room temper, Battersea Park’s Buddha temple, the head quarters of the MI6, the totally unspectacular and uncharming (does that word exist?) façade of Westminster Parliament, and not to forget the buzzing, with tourists, street artists and musicians overloaded and overpriced Southbank.

+ surprisingly quiet until Southbank despite this being an urban walk
+ straight forward route; you don’t need to worry about the path so much
+ well sigh-posted
+ many! many! pubs on the way, so you won’t neither starve nor dying from thirst
+ close to public transport; if you can’t be bothered to do one more step hop onto the next bus or tube

– expectantly touristy and overcrowded from Southbank onwards
– walking entirely on concrete
– I think I counted 5 1/2 trees on the way; nature lovers will want to join a tree-planting-charity afterwards

More information on the Thames Path:
Also advisable: the Thames Path map from AZ Adventures.

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3 Responses to Follow the Nut – Thames Path – Putney to London Bridge

  1. Dayna says:

    Hi Steffi,
    Those steps do add up!
    As for NZ… I’ve driven around quite a bit of both islands, but haven’t done all that much hiking (or ‘tramping’ as the kiwis call it) over there.
    The only one I’ve blogged about is the Milford Track. There are so many reasons why this multi-day walk is world famous, but it’s not the only breath-taking multi-day walk in Fiordland, especially if you don’t mind being a little self-sufficient.
    At least there’s nothing there to eat you. Apart from midges. Lots of midges.
    Don’t only focus on Fiordland though… There great walks all around both North and South Island. Another than leaps to mind is walking up to the tarns above Mt Cook Village. Spectacular scenery! We were stopped by snow (it was still spring) but still so awesome!
    Check out – that could be a good place to start. NZ is a great place!


  2. Steffi says:

    You see, I completely forgot about the mountains. But apparently we climbed 181m up and down. We wondered how that happened. Maybe just a lot of staircases…
    Thanks Dayna, for following my blog so closely. I saw on your blog that you’ve been to NZ. Is there any trail/area you can recommend? NZ is on the top of my bucket list.

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  3. Dayna says:

    I can totally relate to your last point. I need trees. And after trees it’s mountains (or at least hills), otherwise I’ll go crazy. We’re not going to get rid of ‘concrete jungles’ but we can at least plant living jungles in, on and around them.
    : )

    Liked by 1 person

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