Hardknott Roman Fort in Lake District

Hardknott Roman Fort in Cumbria

Author: Steffi

The Hardknott Roman Fort is one of the most remote Roman forts in Britain. You can find it in the Eskdale Valley in Cumbria, England, and it’s dated from the early 2nd century CE when the Emperor Hadrian ruled in Britain.

All parts of the fort are accessible, given that you can make it there. We came from Coniston over the hills and were on our way to Eskdale when we passed this fort. It was a surprise because we didn’t expect a Roman Fort inside Lake District. It seemed far too remote. But apparently, it was built to protect Hardknott Pass which used to form part of the Roman road from Ravenglass to Ambleside and Brougham at Penrith.

Nowadays, the fort is on land owned by the National Trust, and maintained by English Heritage.

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  1. Such structure surrounded by such wild beauty. Gorgeous capture/

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