Salisbury to Amesbury

Author: Steffi

Almost every of my hikes involves cake as a reward. The most ephemeral thing that could exist in my life. This was my reward for my hike from Salisbury to Amesbury via Stonehenge. A long walk on a fantastic, warm spring day that ended in Salisbury in front of Patisserie Valerie. We got take away cake, sat in front of Salisbury Cathedral and wallowed in peaceful tranquility.

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5 Responses to Ephemeral

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  3. Steffi says:

    Ah well, if i would eat cake only on special occasions like Machu Picchu or summiting a high peak, I would never get to eat cake anymore. impossible!


  4. just desserts for an epic trek


  5. Wow that’s quite a walk ~ you certainly deserve the cake!

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