Why you should get your ass up and travel the world

Troll Tunga Hike Norway

Source: dailymail.co.uk

After my last blog post “Traveling the world – Why can’t I just do it?” I got amazing feedback which I want to give back to you.

Many have the same dream: taking some time off and traveling the world. What holds them back, among others, are responsibilities like the kids are still at school, insurance problems, or they are afraid of traveling alone.

But many people, who have traveled, encouraged me to follow my dream and just do it because:

1) You gain lots of experience.
2) You’ll see new things, learn about other people and cultures.
3) You’re not alone. You’ll meet a lot of new, maybe even inspiring and also like-minded people whom you bond with and who will support you.
4) The locals are friendly and supportive, too.
5) When getting out of your comfort zone, this is when you grow as a person.
6) You get to know yourself better and gain confidence. You know you can handle even difficult challenges.
7) There’s no job security anyway. Or if you don’t like your job, this could be an even bigger motivation to give it up for traveling.
8) There are always ways and means to make things possible if you really want to.
9) You’ll have some amazing memories to remember.

New Zealand Queenstown

Source: mostbeautifulplaces.org

I think the best motivation for “Screw it! I’ll do it!” is when life sucks and it can only get better. It’s a win-win situation. I’ve been there myself 6 years ago. I’m from Berlin, Germany, but life, especially my social life wasn’t really what I wanted it to be. At some point I had enough and moved to London, England, initially for a year, to improve my English, learn a bit and then come back to my old job and start studying part-time. That was the plan. Well, I’m still here in London. So I’ve been through that cycle of giving up everything and start over again. And it’s hard. I never lost my motivation, but building a new life, especially a new friends circle in London is … challenging (lots of coming and leaving in this city). Though I never regretted moving here. But I guess traveling around is a little different from moving to another place and settle down.

Ireland Slieve League

Source: blog.bandbireland.com

I guess the answer to the following question is the most convincing argument for going or not going: Would I regret one day that I haven’t done it? Would I be sorry, when I’m old and feeble, that didn’t take my chances when I could have. Ask the question yourself. My answer is yes, definitely. And it can be a nagging thought at the back of your mind. There is always something that you wanted to do, something undone. I won’t fold up my tents in a mad rush and take a flight to New Zealand tomorrow. But I feel more comfortable now about leaving my job at some point and will prepare my inner self for that day when it happens.

Until then I’ll do some thorough research and planning. Although I’m talking about New Zealand for ages, I don’t really now what exactly is there to see and to explore or which tracks I wanna hike. I should get a good picture of that before I buy that one plane ticket, my own, my love, my precious. 🙂

A huge thanks to everyone for your thoughts!

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2 Responses to Why you should get your ass up and travel the world

  1. Steffi says:

    @tasmanian traveller: yes, i think extreme situation as yours bring people to reflect on their lives and rethink about it. Life is valuable so it should be lived like that. Wouldn’t living every day as it was the last enrich our lives significantly? I follow your blog and the picture are so pretty. It looks pike you always have good weather *looking outside at the grey sky*
    I hope you are well and are enjoying your trip!! This 249, 182, 187 or 203 kilometers-trip 😉 will be over at some point. What are your plans afterwards?


  2. This posting is an excellent reminder to every reader just ‘to do it’. Those common sayings such as ‘today might be your last’, ‘do not put off until tomorrow what you could do today’, etc have come about because others have found truth in them. It took a dreadful medical disorder to make me realise I have to do things while I can. And I don’t care if I die in the process because I will be doing what I really love. I am of the belief (and I know others believe differently) that I only have one life. Therefore I have no choice except to keeping travelling and doing things even if it is like my walking the Derwent River where it has cost me next to nothing – just a few bus fares. No one has to be stuck at home, unless it is their choice. Whingers and whiners who tell me ‘they couldn’t do what I do’,, in quite colourful language I tell them not to be ridiculous and of course they can do things (maybe slightly differently, but they can do things). It seems to me that people make their own choices to delay, to procrastinate, to create fears, to worry. If they make these negative choices then surely they can reverse them and surrender to whatever the world holds for them. And in my experience it has always been marvellous (sometimes incredibly challenging but always marvellous).


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