Guildford to Gomshall – About bluebells and ‘The Holiday’

Guildford to Gomshall North Downs Way

Author: Steffi

20.76km – with Anna and Prasana.
787m ↓754m

It’s bank holiday weekend. 3 days off. And it’s raining. Of course it is. It’s as natural as it’s sunny when you work and spend the entire day in the office. And it was supposed to be rainy all day. But: so what?! Let’s get out. (By the way, it turned out that BBC’s weather forecast for today wasn’t quite correct – once again. After noon, it remained sunny.)

We started in Guildford, Surrey, England, to walk to the neighbouring town Gomshall. Features of this walk are the bluebells, old churches and fantastic views onto the North Downs.
When we arrived in Guildford by train, Prasana’s first question was:
‘Steffi, do you have your compass with you?’
‘Ehm… No?’
Thank God, there are smart phones with a build-in compass – what would we do without them? How could mankind survive without them the last few 100.000 years? Eventually it turned out that we didn’t need it very often. Most of our instructions were clear without the help of a compass.
Guildford to Gomshall North Downs Way

Author: Steffi

I hadn’t seen Anna for a while. So we were catching up about everything.  At some point we talked about work, hiking and how we could make it our profession. We came up with the idea of inventing a new type of hiking and get its copyright on it: underwear hiking. We’ll do it like Bikram who invented Bikram yoga, got it copyrighted, and sued everyone who taught it without license. We would be rich within no time. There must be demand for underwear hiking. The English are open-minded and resistant to cold. That must work. A new business idea was born.

Guildford to Gomshall North Downs Way

Author: Steffi

Apart from that we enjoyed our bluebell walk. And it really was one. Bluebells everywhere. Carpets and carpets of purple flowers covering every bit of the woods’ floor. So pretty. End of April/beginning of May is bluebell time in England. Supposedly, UK has more than half of the world’s bluebell distribution. Usually I’m busy around this time of the year with essays for school, as should I be now, but this year I said ‘Screw it! Let’s do bluebells!’

Guildford to Gomshall North Downs Way

Author: Steffi

Eventually, we added 10km because Prasana ‘diverted’ us to a really nice, peaceful ford (which means, he got lost. And maybe 10km is a little exaggerated :-)). We saw lots of old, beautiful churches, pine woods (which seem to be rare in this country), streams, and more bluebells :-).

What I didn’t expect was to end up at the pub where the movie ‘The Holiday’ with Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law was filmed. They commemorate the film with a framed poster so that people know where this epic film scene was when Jude Law discovers that Cameron Diaz followed his invitation to meet him and his friends at the local pub for their first ‘date’. Yes, I’m a fan of Hollywood romances, and apart from ‘You’ve Got Mail’ it’s my favourite. Girls’ stuff.
Also the surroundings of Shere are featured in the film which were part of our walk.


All in all, a surprising walk, but on the bluebell-side exactly as hoped. 🙂



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5 Responses to Guildford to Gomshall – About bluebells and ‘The Holiday’

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  2. earthoak says:

    Am glad to have discovered your blog, Steffi – you’ve been on some awesome hikes! Loved Guildford to Gomshall too (blogged about it here: – those bluebells 🙂
    Thanks for the follow!


  3. Steffi says:

    @Tasmanian Traveller:
    I loved the music in The Holiday. Pretty landscape, too. Unfortunately, we’re not blessed with tropical weather in these spheres but it was Winter in the film anyway.
    Maybe it doesn’t have to be underwear hiking. Danger of scratches is a fair point. We might need to work on that idea ;). (Although there is naked cycling.)


  4. Loved ‘The Holiday’ for the English landscape (although it all seemed rather too cold for me). How fabulous to discover the pub after the seeming acres of bluebells that are covering the land. But underwear walking? What about sunburn, bracken scratches? What about wrecking the day of others who suddenly see your body? Or is yours rather wonderful. I did laugh at the idea. Very amusing. Yes patent it and see how you go.


  5. Sketchpacker says:

    I was born in this part of the world, and you’ve just seriously sparked my nostalgia! Those blue-bells are simply beautiful, ohhhh man

    Liked by 1 person

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