Lake walk near Mittenwald, Bavaria, Germany

Mittenwald, Bavaria, Germany

View onto Lautersee and Wetterstein Mountains

8.2km – with Prasana.
↑ 150m
↓ 467m

In preparation of tomorrow (we want to climb Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain), we chose an easy walk for today. We drove to Mittenwald, apparently one of the most beautiful towns in Bavaria, and walked around Lautersee and Ferchensee, two lakes nearby. Mittenwald is located between Karwendel Alps and Wetterstein Mountains, very close to Austria. The village is basically surrounded by mountains and gives a gorgeous scenery for the lake walk.

Mittenwald, Bavaria, Germany

Lautersee with Karwendel Alps

Being there, we changed our plans a little and took the chair lift (Kranzbergbahn) up to 1200m and walked down with the view onto Lautersee. Arriving at Lautersee we picked up the footpath to Ferchensee. We weren’t really up for walking around neither the one nor the other lake. Instead we had traditional Bavarian dinner in a restaurant near Lautersee. It’s amusing that if you can’t be bothered about exercising anymore there is some place nearby to gain the calories again you just burned. Well, but that’s what we’re here for: preserving and gaining energy for the big climb tomorrow. 🙂

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