Atlas Mountains – Imlil by Night

Atlas Mountains in Marocco

Atlas Mountains in Marocco

The topic of this week’s photo challenge is ‘Half Half’. And this my story:

Once upon a time, it was Christmas time, a young couple decided to go travelling. Curious about the world and wanting to see faraway countries they chose Morocco for their first big trip together. As they both were adventurers and loved the mountains, they decided to spend Christmas in a lonely hut in the Atlas Mountains, surrounded by peace and snow. Seeing the moon rising over the mountains that they had become to love so much, they enjoyed the quiet sunset in Christmas Day.

Alright, maybe I’ve read to many Nicholas Sparks novels – it wasn’t as quite as romantic, in fact is was freezing cold and I was fighting with altitude sickness, but when I came across this picture I thought this is a nice one for the photo challenge :-).

If you’d like you can read the real story of our climb here:
Imlil to Toubkal Refuge
Summiting Toubkal
Attempt Ouanoukrim
Toubkal Refuge to Imlil

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3 Responses to Atlas Mountains – Imlil by Night

  1. Steffi says:

    Hi Janet, yes that’s true. It was incredible trip. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it in the world. Despite … side effects :-D.


  2. Made for a beautiful photo, though, and some wonderful memories.


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  3. Love your image -that soft shudder of snow vaguely visible is so beautiful

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