Daydreaming about retirement – On a hike in East Sussex

Hiking in Wadhurst/Sussex

Around Wadhurst/Sussex

14km – with Prasana.

One a hike somewhere in Sussex, in the middle of nowhere on a sunny, warm Saturday morning: What else can you do as a pensioner than putting on your best blue-white striped bikini, that barely covers that you’ve lead a wealthy life, and do some gardening undisturbed by neighbours, because there aren’t any around anyway. But woe there are hikers coming by. Hardly unable to suppress her scream and jumping behind a bush, this lady triggered a discussion about our retirement. In my case it’s about 40 years away, by then, probably rather 50. And although I basically have my whole life still in front of me, I wonder where I’m gonna be when work life is over. How will my life look like? My ideal idea now is to go on a hike EVERY day. But crippled knees, a cane and a wheeled walker will probably make that impossible.

Hiking in Wadhurst/Sussex

Around Wadhurst/Sussex

In our minds we moved probably already 10 times for retirement. London is not a place to grow old. If just think of the half meter you need to overcome at some stations to get onto the train. My favourite place to retirement until now is Bavaria. Big mountains. Always sunshine except when we’re there to make holidays, and Germans who can’t connect friendliness with a smile. Hmm… maybe Scotland after all? Big mountains, friendly people who do connect friendliness with a smile and have a sssexy accent. But it’s cold there. All the time. They have summer for 1 day per year. Oh thank God, there is still so much time to think about it. Now back to reality, back to the 8 million, buzzing city, store the peacefulness of this hike for some more minutes and get prepared for next week.

Hiking instructions:

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4 Responses to Daydreaming about retirement – On a hike in East Sussex

  1. Dayna says:

    Ha! Yes, there is the understandable version that we see on TV and sometimes heard from a passing tourist, and then there are the real heavy dialects… 😉

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  2. Steffi says:

    Oh, that remembers me of my first visit to Ireland 5 years ago. Listened to the tour guide for 2 minutes and then I gave up. Didn’t understand a single word what he was saying. 😀

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  3. Dayna says:

    An Irish accent is also pretty good, wouldn’t you say? And not so far from London (in the grand scheme of things). But a walk each day, where ever you are, sounds fantastic regardless 🙂

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  4. Walking every day sounds like a great idea but you will be surprised how many other things there are to do that you really enjoy – and you will try and fit them all in.


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