Beneath Your Feet

… is absolutely nothing.

Hiking at Loch Lomond - Scotland

Hiking at Loch Lomond – Scotland – Walking the West Highland Way

I just remembered this picture taken at Loch Lomond in Scotland when we walked the West Highland Way. It’s probably the cruelest lake I’ve ever hiked along. You think, you walk along it for 25k, start at the bottom of the lake and finish at the far end – all easy-peasy. What nobody tells you is that you climb a mountain on the way. Our feet were burning, our bags felt like a were carrying a blue whale on our shoulders. Our only relief was our lunch break, with bread, cheese and chocolate and a rest for our feet. The atmosphere couldn’t have been more idyllic.

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4 Responses to Beneath Your Feet

  1. Steffi says:

    Hmm… I haven’t been around much in scotland. Loch Lomond is definitely challenging in terms of terrain. However, you still can hear the road from the opposite side which i didn’t like to much. Glencoe is a beautiful place: That’s definitely recommendable.


  2. I always find that the best kind of lakes are those you’ve to go on a mission to find! I’ve yet to do Scotland but I plan to next year because there’s so many lakes and lochs I’d like to visit. Where would you recommend?

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  3. mithriluna says:

    Wow, quite a hike! But beautiful setting for a break. Lovely image.

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  4. Beneath your feet is absolutely everything

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