Parkland Walk – About the Poison and Antidote of London

Walking in London - Parkland Walk in Islington

Disused platforms of Crouch End Station

22 August
10km – with Prasana.

London stinks sometimes. Especially in the last few weeks. It feels like every person I meet wants to screw me over for their own benefit. Call me naive, but I highly value honesty and genuineness. Apart from the fact that it takes you some serious guts to live this way, you don’t get far with it in this city. And even if you try you need to watch yourself with every human encounter, especially when it’s all about business.

That’s why I flee into the wild on weekends, getting away from smelly, competitive London.

Walking in London - Parkland Walk in Islington

Look at the upper corner of the vault.

On the other hand, it’s time to become aware of the sweet side of London. That is why we went for a walk in London last weekend. I remembered a walk on disused railway tracks. So I did some research and found the Parkland Walk in North London. It reaches from Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace and follows the disused railway line that used to connect the two places between 1873 and 1957. The locals use the Parkland Walk for dog walking, jogging or teaching their kid how to cycle on a bicycle. It was a rather peaceful atmosphere, and quite soothing after last week’s bitter taste.  London does actually have a sweet side as long as no people are involved.

For more information, history and maps visit their website:

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2 Responses to Parkland Walk – About the Poison and Antidote of London

  1. Finding the sweet spots is so freeing. That sounds like a good find.

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  2. I love old railways. They are very common in Texas as so many industries have boomed and busted so quickly. Thanks for sharing

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