Careful on ridges

Hiking on Ridges

Ascent to Scafell Pike

Every adventurer hiking in the mountains will walk along a ridge at some point. I love adventures. I love mountains. But I’m not a friend of heights. Ironically. That is why walking on ridges always makes me feel sick. I know you’re not supposed to look down, and I don’t. But just that image in my head that it’s going down a few hundred meters next me turns my stomach over.

I haven’t walked many ridges but I remember the day when we climbed Scafell Pike and had to pass one of these stomach-turning spots on the ‘Corridor Route’. We came from Windy Gap and half way to Scafell Pike we had to  scramble down from a rock formation to get onto a narrow path right on a brink. The advice for people with a fear of height ‘Don’t look down’ wouldn’t have been a good one here. I HAD TO WATCH WHERE I STEP!! Unfortunately, the brink was right in my field of vision. The fact that there was quite a traffic jam and lots of people waiting to pass this spot in both directions didn’t make it easier. It sounds quite dangerous but it wasn’t that bad. We just need to be careful and preferably not stumble. Otherwise we would have fallen … for a while.
But that belongs to hiking in the mountains and adventures: Facing your fear and have a bit of ‘butterflies in your tummy’ makes it even more exciting.

I’d love to some ridge walks, just because these places look so awesome. I’m thinking of Slieve League in North-West Ireland, Helvellyn in Lake District or the ridge walk in Glencoe, Scotland.

Do you know any other ridges worth seeing? How do you feel about heights?

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12 Responses to Careful on ridges

  1. treksandtors says:

    The ridge mentioned above from Whiteside to Hopegill Head is arguably the best in The Lakes. I’d also add in Halls Fell Ridge on Blencathra or if you are feeling brave then it has to be Sharp’s Edge. Striding Edge is obviously a classic and you can drop down to a less exposed path if need be. The irony about Helvellyn is more people have been killed on Swirral Edge in the last two years than Striding Edge. Its as if people go across Striding Edge and over Helvellyn and assume the hard work is done. Coming back down Swirral can be technically more challenging.


  2. It sure is! I’ve got so many pics to show and things to say that I don’t where to start this post about Supramonte. Anyway I’m on it 🙂

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  3. Stef says:

    I’ll check it out when it’s live.
    One thing on my to do list is hiking on an island. Maybe that’s the ideal combination to make it happen. 🙂

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  4. Hi Stef,

    I’m writing a post about the most spectacular place I’ve ever seen in Sardinia, called Supramonte. It just might be the right place to get rid of your fear of heights 🙂

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  5. Stef says:

    I guess that’s the thrill for some people (maybe including me): The danger involved…


  6. I don’t like ridges because I have to concentrate so much more carefully on where I put my feet, and on keeping my balance in case a wind gust destabilises me.

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  7. Stef says:

    Cool, I’ll check it out. Thanks Ray!


  8. Ray Greenhow says:

    Stef, try Whiteside from Lanthwaite, Crummock, leading on to Hopegill Head. Also, not a ridge but along the top left of Piers Gill (One scramble on this). You passed the top on the corridor route. My favourite to Scafell Pike, from either Wasdale or Seathwaite. Do both when dry & in company.
    Spot on, both!

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  9. Stef says:

    Note to myself: Feedback from Twitter followers about ridges to check out:
    – Swirral Edge from Catstye Cam
    – Hall’s Fell Ridge, Blencathra
    – Crib Goch & CMD Aret
    – Liathach and an Teallach


  10. earthoak says:

    That’s reassuring to hear, would like to give it a go. Have hiked up Snowdon, but always the Llanberis path which is straightforward


  11. Stef says:

    Snowdon is ok. Have done it and I can’t remember having problems with the height. (But that was 1,5 years ago. Maybe I simply forgot :)).

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  12. earthoak says:

    Not a fan of heights either – hiking has helped me to overcome it a bit though. I was looking into Crib Goch, snowdon – looks fantastic but scary.

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