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I’m Stef, young, blond and short. That’s to that. 🙂

I got into hiking through a friend in 2010 and since then it developed more and more into a kind of obsession. I try to go on a walk every weekend but life doesn’t allow it most of the times. Either there are other obligations or I simply can’t find anyone who’s free for a walk and can’t be bothered to go alone. So my monthly dose is about 2 hikes outside of London. Thank God, I’m living in an area with 3 huge parks nearby that give me my needed Steffi-run on shorter walks.

If you want to get in contact feel free to email me: hikingmadness.blog[at]gmail.com.

16 Responses to About me

  1. Stef says:

    Hi Sebastian, I’m just on my way to work (cycling along the Thames between Putney and Hammersmith Bridge 😄). Sorry I can’t join you. Where are you walking to today? Between Putney & Hampton Court is really pretty. Not what you would expect of London…


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Stef. Jezebel and I will be stopped for a coffee and to watch the skateboarders on the South Bank at 08:00 if you are local 🙂 Sebastian


  3. Victoria Sayers says:

    Hi Stef!
    I stumbled on your blog when I was trying to find info on hikes in Bavaria. Could you give me any advice? We’re a family of 5 fairly experienced hikers and we wanted to do a week’s hut to hut in the Alps near Mittenwald/GP followed by a week of daily hikes either in the same area or somewhere else in the Bavarian mountains.
    From the map it looks feasible to put together a route along the Alpine Way from mittenwald along the ridges to Zugspitze and then circling back round north of the peaks to take in the lakes.. Did you do any of these routes? From your experience of the area does that sound like it could work?
    Any advice / info would be great. Thanks!


  4. Penny Foot says:

    Hi Stef,

    If you are interested in trying out walks with other groups, have a look at the Central London Outdoor Group. http://www.clog.org.uk/. Unlike many Meetup walking groups, we are non-commercial (run by members), so day walks and cycle rides are free and trips are run at cost or sometimes subsidised. There is a £30 per year subscription cost (discounted to £15 for people in their first year) to pay for the running costs of the club (website, insurance, magazine, subsidies for social events and trips away, etc). You can come on up to three events before joining to try us out.


  5. Stef says:

    Oohh, be careful! I’ll take you up on that! 😀 Canada is still on my list, but sooo far away.
    But thanks. Same here. 🙂


  6. dave zuehlke (previously known as anonymous from canada) says:

    Sorry Steffi: Too quick hitting buttons. Forgot to fill in name and email for comment. I am anonymous from Canada. Enjoy your hikes.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Steffi. I enjoy reading about your adventures and hikes around the UK and Europe. Being from Canada, I only dream of some of your hikes. If ever you have the opportunity to visit Vancouver Island, I would be thrilled to show you some of my favourite hikes.

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  8. Stef says:

    Hi aaron, yes, i came across it but haven’t really looked into it yet. What is it exactly? Have you done it before?


  9. Aaron says:

    Have you heard of geocaching? If you love hiking and walking it may be wroth giving it a go 🙂

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  10. sgtszabo says:

    LOve reading your adventures!!!

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  11. I love the title of your blog; smacks of a wonderful addiction! Yes – walking/ hiking/tramping bushwalking/whatever name it gets – takes you places that surprise – even if it is your own suburb with the changing light or fresh new seasons. If your eyes and nose and ears are open, there is a great world to be experienced every step of the way.


  12. Steffi says:

    Hi Lori! Thank you so much for your kind words. Canada is definitely on my to-do ehm… to-walk list and I’m looking forward to read your blog posts about your little adventures. I can’t wait to get out into nature again soon and enjoy the sun, either. I’ll give you a shout for sure when I’m around Toronto. Never been there and it would be great to get some secret insider views. Thanks for dropping by, Lori!

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  13. L Myers says:

    Hi Steffi, thanks for following WestWalking! I’m just back from this morning’s walk. We had a sunny day, clear sky, and enough warmth to share tea and coffee on patio, on our way home. Spring has begun to spring (if somewhat hesitantly!) and a few flowering bulbs are poking their heads out of the dirt. Pretty. Hopeful!
    Urban walking, mostly in the downtown and west end of Toronto (Canada) is our usual plan. We’re a tiny group, but we enjoy our early Sundays together.
    I love to be outdoors, anywhere – urban or rural – exploring. Your hikes sound terrific. Walk safely and I wish you many more glorious outdoor weekends. That’s the main point, right? If you ever visit Toronto, please be in touch so you can join us to say hello and share an interesting look at our city. Lori


  14. Steffi says:

    Hi Peter, thanks for your comment. I’m looking forward to your stories, too. Asia is still unknown territory to me. I also like the way you introduce your girlfriend on your blog. I should think about something similar for my one, too.

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  15. backpackingbez says:

    Hi. Thanks for following my blog. It looks like there’s some great ideas for hikes in England on here. I look forward to reading them and using them as inspiration for walks of my own.


  16. Hey great blog, could you shoot me an email so we can talk more adventure? 🙂 benisanadventurer@gmail.com


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