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Where is the Matterhorn?

If you’re into winter climbing you’ve probably heard of Matterhorn. You’ve probably seen spectacular videos of climbers summiting it with breath-taking views over the surrounding peaks and the prominent ridge towards the summit. But where is the Matterhorn?? The Matterhorn … Continue reading

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How To Save A Fortune On Train Fares Around London

Taking the train to the countryside and spending a fortune on train fares? Looking to save money on your train journeys? Living in or near London? There’s a solution for everyone! 1) The problem: Spending a fortune on train fares … Continue reading

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Very Early Morning Walk in Richmond Park

31 October 2015 5km – with Prasana. I think I’ve never been in Richmond Park so early. 9am sharp. Hello Park Runners. But we were not here for running. God, I hate running. I’m far too lazy to move all … Continue reading

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Walk2Walk Holidays Pedometer – Review

This year, Walk2Walk Holidays sent out free pedometers to encourage people to walk more. I was one of the lucky ones who got one. It counts the steps I take, burnt calories and calculates the distance I walked. Features: – … Continue reading

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Surrey Young Walkers – Hikers in Their 20s and 30s

24th October 2015 16 km – with Surrey Young Walkers. Unfortunately, hiking seems like sport for the middle-aged ones. Why is that? I don’t know, because I’m in my 20’s and I love hiking. After my interview with Chris about … Continue reading

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Careful on ridges

Every adventurer hiking in the mountains will walk along a ridge at some point. I love adventures. I love mountains. But I’m not a friend of heights. Ironically. That is why walking on ridges always makes me feel sick. I … Continue reading

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The Ramblers – UK’s Leading Hiking Club – Interview with Chris Greig

Who are the Ramblers? What do they do? Are there groups for people in their 20s? How can I join? Can I volunteer? The Ramblers are one of the biggest walking clubs in UK. Originally from Sheffield, Chris Greig joined … Continue reading

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Happy Place – Where You Get Your Groove Back

Yes, life can indeed be a bitch sometimes. There are times when everything is overwhelming and you just want to go to a lonely island, keep everything and everyone out and sip your pina colada in your hammock. But mostly … Continue reading

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Usually only found on the London Underground, hikers give a warning on the cliffs of Seven Sisters: Mind the gap! Join me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more Hiking Madness.

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