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How To Save A Fortune On Train Fares Around London

Taking the train to the countryside and spending a fortune on train fares? Looking to save money on your train journeys? Living in or near London? There’s a solution for everyone! 1) The problem: Spending a fortune on train fares … Continue reading

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Very Early Morning Walk in Richmond Park

31 October 2015 5km – with Prasana. I think I’ve never been in Richmond Park so early. 9am sharp. Hello Park Runners. But we were not here for running. God, I hate running. I’m far too lazy to move all … Continue reading

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Happy Place – Where You Get Your Groove Back

Yes, life can indeed be a bitch sometimes. There are times when everything is overwhelming and you just want to go to a lonely island, keep everything and everyone out and sip your pina colada in your hammock. But mostly … Continue reading

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Parkland Walk – About the Poison and Antidote of London

22 August 10km – with Prasana. London stinks sometimes. Especially in the last few weeks. It feels like every person I meet wants to screw me over for their own benefit. Call me naive, but I highly value honesty and … Continue reading

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Bored of Hiking II – The Solutions

Hello my beloved fellow hikers, after my call for inspiration about exciting walks around London in my previous blog post, I got lots of feedback that I’d like to share with you. I know that many of my blog readers … Continue reading

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Bored of Hiking. I Want Drama, Baby! Drama!

I’m bored of hiking. This is shocking. And not quite true. I usually go hiking somewhere around London, in places that are reachable within a 1-2hs train journey. More 1 hour than 2, actually. That limits the area to Surrey, … Continue reading

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Where it begins and ends: the National Trail Thames Path in London

11.3km – with Prasana. This is a counterexample of a German being organised and planned: We were already on our way to start the Green Chain Walk. But as we didn’t have a map with us and our mobiles weren’t … Continue reading

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Follow the Nut – Thames Path – Putney to London Bridge

18 km – with Prasana. Girls are said not being able to make up their mind quickly. Ah well …, this time we drafted about 4 different versions of ‘walking the Thames Path’, and even on the way to the … Continue reading

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Putney river walk – Advice Day

11,9 km – alone. Advice #1: Never rely on friends telling you how the weather will be on the weekend. Not even when they are BBC’s weathermen and you think they have superpowers. They could be wrong. Rumours had it … Continue reading

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