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Bored of Hiking. I Want Drama, Baby! Drama!

I’m bored of hiking. This is shocking. And not quite true. I usually go hiking somewhere around London, in places that are reachable within a 1-2hs train journey. More 1 hour than 2, actually. That limits the area to Surrey, … Continue reading

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Shopping addiction … the other kind

We all know, girls like shopping. It’s like a social event, going with your best girlfriend, trying about 100 items, going into 50 shops before you actually buy something and afterwards unpack everything and show it to your best girlfriend … Continue reading

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Cowden to Ashurst – Toubkal Reunion

13,5 km – with Nora and Prasana. Catching up time with our friend Nora, whom we met on our Toubkal trek in Morocco. Well… 10000 words probably weren’t enough to talk about our adventures, experiences and impressions. But we had … Continue reading

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Why hiking is as good or as bad as running

As I established already why I prefer hiking over running and why I should prefer running over hiking, here is why hiking is actually as good or as bad as running: 01) in both cases Big Joe is screaming 02) … Continue reading

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