Snowdonia – Betsy y Coed – Swallow Falls

Author: Steffi

Author: Steffi

8,5 km – with London Escapes/Walkfree Breakfree.

Ascent: 606 m

Last day. Before we left for London we went for a last, little walk around Betsy y Coed. What I really enjoyed about these walks, they all were very diverse in terms of landscape. This time it was walking in the wood, again with a river nearby. We spent about an hour at the top of Swallow Falls scrambling over stones. (That was why our departure was delayed by an hour *oops*). But it was SO MUCH FUN!!! A fantastic finish of a fabulous trip!

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3 Responses to Snowdonia – Betsy y Coed – Swallow Falls

  1. Taith Ellie says:

    Haha, it probably happens on most trips to North Wales! And anywhere foreign I imagine…

    When I was a teenager I went on an organised trip to North Wales, staying in the middle of nowhere, with no internet. After climbing “Triffin” one day I wanted to know what I’d actually climbed, so spent ages looking at the only available map on the wall, without much luck. (I also love maps and wanted to know where it was). I had to wait until I got home because the organiser just kept calling it “Triffin”. My knowledge of mountains wasn’t as good then, but eventually I found out it was Tryfan! (Truh-van)

    Now I really want to go back because I remember it being amazing!!


  2. Steffi says:

    That’s alright. The trip was completely organised. At the end of each day I was running to the organisers and asked them for all kinds if information. This is what i got. Hmm… I’ll check it out.
    Good point about the contact though. I’ll think of something. Thanks for the note :).


  3. Taith Ellie says:

    I think you mean Betws y Coed 😉 “Betsy” used to be my nickname for a while, because I’d keep correcting my friends when they tried to say “Betsy co-ed” on a trip to North Wales.

    (Couldn’t find a contact to let you know without commenting…)


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