What is a buff, how to wear it and how to customise it

What is a buff? How to wear a buff? How to customise your own buff? Answers here:

Custom Buff – My Highlight of the Week

Ok, it’s normal that I’m excited when buying new hiking gear and I wouldn’t even find it worth mentioning, but this is one is so *eeek*: I got my favourite climbing moment printed on a buff.


Custom Buff with your Picture on

One day when I browsed the internet and looked for something completely different I came across Bags of Love. They do photo gifts (cushions, blankets, canvases etc), but I wondered if they have sports/hiking equipment as well. And *eeek* they had. I wanted something with my favourite hiking/climbing moment on and found the buff. So I uploaded the picture which we took at the summit of Toubkal (4167m – North Africa’s highest mountain) onto their design platform and got it printed. Super easy. I could choose different pictures for the front and back of the buff, so I got something neutral on the back (a picture of a surface of snow) for when I use the buff as a head band. So basically I got a 2-1 design.

Wering a custom buffcustom buff with photo








If you want to get your own custom buff, here’s where I found it: Bags of Love.


What is a Buff?

Now, a buff is something that probably every other hiker has. It’s a piece of tube fabric and it’s super practical. You can wear it as a scarf, head band, cap, wrist band, face mask and probably 50 other ways. Ideal for hikers in any situation and weather condition it’s incredible versatile. I do have the one or other at home because it’s a really nice fashion accessory (for hikers) as well, but I was always looking for something more special.


How to wear a buff

There are generally 15 ways of wearing a buff. (Ok, 50 might have been a bit exaggerated :).)

How to wear a buff

How to wear a buff

And for the first time, it came a little inconvinient that I have short hair lol…

What kind of buffs do you guys have? Post a picture of it in the comments or on my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and show me what you’ve got.

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4 Responses to What is a buff, how to wear it and how to customise it

  1. Robert Jones says:

    We used one as a “tube” around my daughters lower back as her pack was rubbing on the West Highland Way. She just kind of stepped into it and hauled it up! You can add that to your list if you want


  2. treksandtors says:

    I’ve got a darth vadar one, and like you just started using it. Its great in the summer for keeping the sun off my forehead and neck. Also when walking in the evening its great as a hat for a bit of warmth on a chilly evening. I’m a new recruit to the world of the buff and I love it. Haven’t got the hair for at least half of those ‘ways to wear it’ though!!!

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  3. Stef says:

    Haha!! Wonderful. I didn’t know that. How do you call ‘the buff’ in Tasmania?


  4. Well today I have learnt something. When I saw the word ‘buff’ in the headline I was very nervous – the only way I am familiar with the word buff is to say ‘he/she was in the buff’ which means naked. Isn’t language wonderful and rich!

    Liked by 2 people

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